Student Council Induction

Here are pictures from Joc's student council induction ceremony. I tried to get a cute picture of her and her co-representative (and bff) David. He is darling and was happy to pose. She is darling and was happy to make faces every time I took a picture. The look on his face cracks me up.

Love Letters From Joc

Joc wrote our family this sweet note during sacrament meeting on Sunday. She's the sweetest daughter in the whole world - I mean, universe!!

Southwestern Invitational 2010

Here are some pictures from the Southwestern Invitational Joc's team danced at last month. These girls aren't one bit shy once you get them into their costumes and makeup!

Funny things happen when I stare at Aiden...

These Girls...

...are on their way to Dallas today to dance at the Southwestern Invitational ballroom and latin dance competition. Wish them luck!

These two...

...are staying home. Wish Michelle and Damian luck! JK. (Aiden is on a scout campout, so no pictures of him today)

The Pen is Mighty

This is how we often find Jocelyn - with her nose in a book, or a pencil in her hand, furiously scribbling away. Her stories always have interesting (and funny) characters and plots. Here is this morning's school journal entry. Enjoy!

Steve and I Save the Day Again

(with a new friend)

By Jocelyn Williams
The winds whipped around the corner moaning and warning me that two big creatures were coming! I ran home and told my dragon Steve. He told me to calm down. He got some snacks and followed me to my room. Before I turned on the T.V., he asked me, "When?" I said, "Tomorrow," then I turned on the T.V. My mom called me downstairs for dinner. We had steak. I gave the extras to the dogs. I did my homework and went to sleep. I woke up and remembered that tomorrow was pet day and that today was Sunday, so I got ready for church. When church was over and we got home we ate dinner. Then we went upstairs to play Halo: Reach. Steve played too, and of course he won. I said, "You're too good with the energy sword." Then we went for a walk. We went on the school playground and played on everything. Then we went to Mr. Donut. We got eight dozen glazed doughnuts. When we went outside, the ground shook. I looked and saw something. IT WAS GODZILLA!!! Then I saw a living skeleton dragon bigger than Godzilla. It had blue eyes and orange wings. The fight had started. Steve told me that the dragon is his friend and his name was Dwight.
Dwight was almost knocked out. Me and Steve realized if we punched Godzilla one more time, he was gone! So we climbed up Dwight's back and punched Godzilla. Then out of nowhere, he turned into a witch on top of the tallest, nearest building. He said, "I'm melting! I'm melting! Aaaaahhhh!" I said, "Poor guy," but Dwight said, "That just went from creepy to weird!" Dwight asked if he could be my pet. I said yes. We got to the front door and Dwight shrunk himself. I said, "Well, tomorrow should be interesting." THE END

Coming Soon...

I'm baaaack! :) My sisters have inspired me to get going on my blog again. For one thing, it's basically my journal (so now you know how pathetic my journal keeping really is) and I LOVE being able to see my sisters' families on their blogs. It makes me feel closer to them. I'm sure they would like to see what the Texas branch of the family is up to from time to time. So, stay tuned for more posts. I promise. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our new house. We moved in June so we have been here for a couple of months. I can hardly wait to decorate for Fall! One of the first thoughts I had when I saw this house was that it would be a fabulous "Halloween house". I cannot wait to get my hands on it!